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Why was the 'Trust' set up?
It was recognised many years ago that equipment adapted for people with disabilities often cost much more than the equivalent equipment used by the 'ordinary' person and was often beyond the reach of many.  The 'Trust' hopes to go some-way to assist visually impaired people purchase goods or services previously unaffordable and so contribute to a more equal society.
Can I apply for a child?
Yes, children may be awarded a grant but grants CAN NOT be used for services/ equipment that should be provided by the Local Authority or NHS.
Am I restricted to purchasing goods from the RNIB or similar suppliers?
No, equipment or services may be purchased from other suppliers but must have facilities specifically for visually impaired people.  For example:-
  1. A computer or 'Tablet' must have 'specialist software' included.
  2. A microwave oven must have voice or other 'specialist facilities' for visually impaired people.
Can I get help to complete the application form?
Yes, the Secretary can make arrangements to get help.
I don't have the internet and it is difficult to travel to get estimates / quotes for costs of equipment / services, can you help?
Yes, The Secretary can provide telephone numbers of local support groups that can assist.  There are LINKS on this site to some of the organisations offering assistance.
Where can I get advice about equipment that would be suitable for my particular needs?
Try the RNIB helpline, Tel. 0303 123 9999 OR you may get advice from the Rehabilitation Officer for South Tyneside, Mr. Michael Shaw, Tel. 0191 455 6628/ 456 0546.